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If you notice that your skin is loose or sagging as time passes, and you want to return to the firm, tight skin of your youth, you don’t need a time machine. Instead, invest in TempSure™ Envi treatment from Douglas Shoenberger, MD, and Joseph Daday, MD, at Coopersburg Family Practice in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania. TempSure Envi treatments deliver gentle, natural skin tightening through the use of heat. To find out if skin tightening treatment at Coopersburg Family Practice is right for you, call today.

Skin Tightening Q & A

How does skin tightening treatment work?

Skin tightening with TempSure Envi delivers skin tightening using a handheld radiofrequency device. Your provider uses this handpiece to deliver gentle heat deep into your skin. 

When the heat reaches these layers, it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, proteins essential to creating firm, tight skin. By stimulating their production, TempSure Envi treatment helps your skin recover a youthful appearance without damaging it. 

The treatment also boosts your circulation, thus promoting cellular health, improving your complexion, and visibly reducing sagging skin.

Does skin tightening hurt?

Skin tightening with TempSure Envi doesn’t hurt. Most patients report that it feels like a hot stone massage. During your procedure, you notice some warmth and pressure, but no discomfort.

After your session, you may experience some redness or mild irritation where you received treatment, but this usually goes away within a day.

Not only is skin tightening with TempSure Envi easy and relaxing, but it also involves no needles, and it requires no downtime. After your 45 to 60 minute session, you can return to your day.

Are skin tightening results permanent?

The collagen and elastin production that you experience as a result of your skin tightening procedure is permanent. After just one treatment, you can expect to enjoy smoother, tighter skin, though, most patients achieve optimal results by attending four skin tightening treatments at Coopersburg Family Practice, spaced two to four weeks apart. 

Note that because these results are natural and don’t stop your skin from aging, you may need touch-up treatment every six months.

Is skin tightening right for me?

Skin tightening with TempSure Envi is safe for all skin types and all levels of sun exposure. It works wonderfully on sagging skin, as well as addressing other issues, such as:

  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Spider veins
  • Millia (small white bumps on the skin’s surface)

TempSure Envi for these conditions works best on the forehead, eyebrow and eye area, cheeks, jowls, chin, and neck. 

Skin tightening complements any beauty routine, and leaves your skin visibly glowing. To find out how to treat yourself to skin tightening treatment, reach out to Coopersburg Family Practice over the phone today.

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