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If you’re unable to leave your house for doctor visits, or if doing so puts you at risk, don’t despair. Instead, consider home visits from Coopersburg Family Practice in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania. Joseph Daday, MD, provides home visits for homebound patients as a way for them to receive meaningful health care while staying safe. To learn if home visits are right for you or your loved one, call the practice today.

Home Visits Q & A

What are home visits?

Home visits, as their name implies, are medical visits that your health care provider conducts in your home. Home visits are most beneficial for patients who aren’t able to make it to Coopersburg Family Practice, or who would put their health at risk by traveling outside of their home.

Patients such as these include the elderly and those who:

  • Suffer from multiple, complex, or serious health problems
  • Have recently been discharged from a rehabilitation center, hospital, or nursing facility
  • Have trouble walking or walk with the help of walkers or canes
  • Have a cognitive or behavioral impairment
  • Need someone to accompany them to their appointments
  • Require special transportation
  • Use oxygen
  • Become short of breath when they exert themselves
  • Need multiple days to recover after leaving the house

We are not an at home skilled nursing facility or assisted living - but we do treat and manage patients with chronic conditions. 

What happens during a home visit?

During a home visit, your Coopersburg Family Practice provider spends time performing services such as:

  • Health assessments
  • Prescription refills and medication management
  • Post-hospital discharge follow-up
  • Acute sickness diagnosis and treatment

Coopersburg Family Practice can also use home visits as a time to set up a care management and coordination plan for your recovery or health maintenance.

Why choose home visits for health care?

Home visits have become more popular and more common over the last several years. This increase is due to their many benefits to providers and patients alike, including:

Decreased medical prices

On average, home visits save patients $3,070 a year. These savings come from not only decreased travel expenses, but from a decrease in subsequent hospitalizations, lengths of hospitalizations, visits to the emergency room, and stays in skilled nursing facilities.

Better care

When your provider can visit you at home, they’re able to provide you with more personalized, higher quality care. Also, they can offer practical strategies and advice that are better because they understand your at-home living environment firsthand.

Better doctor-patient relationships

Home visits create scenarios in which you and your provider can get to know one another better and build trust. By working with you at your home, your provider also gets the chance to build relationships with your family and support system.

Don’t let a lack of mobility or the inability to leave the house stop you from receiving caring, quality medical care. Find out if home visits from Coopersburg Family Practice are right for you by reaching out over the phone today.