What Can Help Get Rid of My Cellulite?

What Can Help Get Rid of My Cellulite?

You diet and you exercise, but you just can’t get rid of that bumpy, dimply cellulite on your thighs, buttocks, belly, or some other part of your body. Are you just stuck with jiggly cellulite forever? 

No! There’s a solution. It’s called TempSure® Firm, and it uses state-of-the-art technology to eliminate areas of cellulite and reveal smoother, sleeker contours. 

At Coopersburg Family Practice in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, our team offers custom TempSure Firm treatments based on each patient’s trouble spots and goals. Here’s how TempSure Firm could help smooth out your contour. 

The basics of cellulite

Cellulite is actually ordinary fat that’s located just below the skin’s surface. Your skin has tough, fibrous bands that “hold” your skin in place. As fat presses against these bands, it creates the puckered, dimpled appearance that’s characteristic of cellulite.

But even though cellulite is fat, it doesn’t respond to diet and exercise in the same way as other types of fat. That’s why even people who are slim and very fit can still be plagued by cellulite — including those who’ve never had a weight problem.

Researchers are still learning about cellulite, such as why some people are plagued by it while others aren’t. And while they don’t have a complete picture yet, they do believe genetics and even hormones can play a role.

Why you have cellulite

Cellulite is super common, affecting about 90% of women and 10% of men at some point during their lives. That means if you’re a woman — even if you’re trim and fit — cellulite can be difficult to avoid. 

That said, there are some risk factors that can make it even more likely that you’ll develop these bumpy areas of jiggly fat, including:

Cellulite tends to become more visible with age as skin loses some of its natural firmness and elasticity.

How TempSure Firm works

TempSure Firm gets rid of cellulite noninvasively, without surgery, incisions, injections, or downtime.

Removes fat

The TempSure system uses radiofrequency (RF) technology to penetrate cellulite deposits below the skin. Radiofrequency energy is delivered to the treatment site via a massaging handpiece, gently heating cells and breaking down cell walls to “liquefy” the fat. After your treatment, your body disposes of the fatty debris naturally over the following weeks.

Spurs collagen production

Getting rid of cellulite is just one benefit of TempSure Firm. The RF energy also stimulates the production of collagen to help firm up your skin as the cellulite debris is eliminated. Collagen is a critical protein that helps give skin its structure.

Treats many areas

TempSure Firm can eliminate cellulite in multiple areas of your body, including:

Each session typically takes less than 30 minutes, and most patients get the biggest benefit after a series of 5-8 treatments. The treatment itself is painless, and many patients liken the experience to a hot stone massage.

To learn more about TempSure Firm and how it can help you get rid of your cellulite, book an appointment over the phone with Coopersburg Family Practice today.

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