The Benefits of Home Visits

The Benefits of Home Visits

There was a time when house calls were just part of a doctor’s normal routine. But those days are long gone — aren’t they?

Not if you’re a patient of Coopersburg Family Practice. Our team offers home visits for many patients in the Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, area. Here are four ways home visits can benefit you.

#1. Greater convenience

Even though our office is centrally located and easy to reach, that doesn’t mean it’s always convenient for everyone. Home visits mean you don’t have to worry about transportation to and from our office, which is especially important if you rely on another person to drive you. Greater convenience means it’s easier for you to receive important medical care regardless of your personal situation and the demands and restrictions on your life.

#2. Enhanced care

Your home environment can play a surprisingly large role in helping you stay healthy. With a home visit, our team can gain a better understanding of your home, along with its benefits and challenges. During your visit, we can make care recommendations that are specifically based on your unique living environment, including advice on steps to make your home safer as you age. 

#3. Improved doctor-patient relationship

For most people, there’s a certain degree of stress associated with going to the doctor’s office, and that stress can sometimes interfere with your ability to relax and focus on asking important questions about your health. And of course, stress and anxiety can take a toll on your wellness, too.

With a home visit, you’re in the environment that’s most familiar — and most relaxing — to you, so you can focus more on your care. Plus, house calls allow our team to get to know the rest of your family, including any people involved in your care and wellness.

#4. Health benefits, too

Research shows home visits can reduce hospital readmissions and emergency room visits. Depending on your health needs, they might even help you avoid nursing home or rehab center care by allowing you to get the treatment you need right in your own home. Not only is that great news for your health, but it can mean substantial cost savings, too.

What to expect during a home visit

Most people tend to think of home visits as being only for elderly “shut-in” patients. Although having a house call can be a great choice for many older women and men, home visits can also be a good option for people with specific health issues, including people who:

Just like an office visit, home visits include personalized health assessments to evaluate your overall wellness, as well as any chronic issues or acute illnesses or symptoms you may be dealing with. 

Our team can work with your family members and other caregivers to coordinate a comprehensive wellness plan that can be easily managed and adjusted for your evolving medical needs.

Learn how home visits can help you

The team at Coopersburg Family Practice is dedicated to providing custom healthcare solutions based on each patient’s unique medical and lifestyle needs. Home visits play an important role in achieving that goal. If you’d like to learn more about home visits with our team, call our office, or use our online form to book an appointment today.

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